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What is Microsoft Private Cloud Computing

Finally I had finish the last training for the Microsoft Private Cloud training (10751 – Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with System Center 2012) and heading to complete my MCSE certification soon. Let’s see what is Cloud Computing: Private and public cloud computing models provide different services based on your needs. Before moving to [...]

Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and its related services form the foundation for enterprise networks that run Windows® operating systems. The AD DS database is the central store of all the domain objects, such as user accounts, computer accounts, and groups. AD DS provides a searchable hierarchical directory, and provides a method for applying [...]

vMotion and Storage vMotion as vShere Distributed Services

vMotion, Storage vMotion, DRS, Storage DRS, Storage I/O Control, VMware HA, and FT are distributed services that enable efficient and automated resource management and high availability for virtual machines. Live migration using vMotion is the first step towards an automated and much more flexible IT environment because it truly frees the OS and application workloads [...]

Netximizer Product Datasheet

After a month preparation for the Netximizer workshop, together with the vendor, the workshop successfully conducted at my company office, I had further understanding on the Internet Continuity and Business Continuity on the product. More information on the product feature, kindly refer to the blog I posted some time ago about Netximizer. Not much information [...]

Extreme Network Vs Cisco Switch

Extreme Networks is not a familiar brand for me, and recently there is a request for Cisco alternative model to Extreme X450 and X350. Is difficult to source this kind of information where Extreme Network versus Cisco Switch. The alternative of Extreme Network X350 to Cisco will be WS-C2960S-24TS-L, while for Extreme X450 alternative will be Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-S. [...]