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Microsoft Office Licensing vs Office 365 Subscription

Looking at office application such as word, spreadsheet, presentation & email client; no doubt it is a mandatory application for every individual no matter is for business or personal. When come to licensing, a lot had confusing with the latest Microsoft Cloud Services, Office 365 product. Most people already know the normal or so call conventional […]

Microsoft Azure Annouced New SSD Virtual Machine and Cloud Services

Microsoft announced the general availability of a new series of Standard tier instances called the D-series for Virtual Machines and Cloud Services on Microsoft Azure. These instances have solid-state disk (SSD)-based local drives and faster processors relative to many of the A-series instances. The D-series instances can be used as VMs, as well as web […]

Creative Suite 6 Level 1 Prep Question

When come to adobe product, reseller require to certified in order to sell Adobe product, this is to ensure that reseller had sufficient knowledge when come to end user question. To start creative suite 6 overview exam; First login URL at, after login go to My Training/ Creative Suite/ English/ Level 1/ and open […]

vStorage Architecture

The VMware vSphere storage architecture consists of layers of abstraction that hide and manage the complexity and differences among physical storage subsystems. The Virtual Machine guest operating systems and their applications see the storage as SCSI attached local disks. In most cases these virtual SCSI disks are files stored in vSphere datastores, but sometimes it […]

Benefits of Cloud Computing

After getting more information on what is Microsoft Private Cloud, there is ton of benefit to deploy it, but still require to based on the business needs, let’s see what the major benefit for deploying cloud computing Virtualized data center. Cloud computing provides methods to access computing services that are independent both of your physical […]