Archive | June, 2008

How to register a business [Step bt Step]

Need to register business or register company? (This topic cover Malaysia only) Recently in in my life, I come across this topic, due to a long term plan for my own hosting business, I need to register a business name and get a license to ensure my business get trusted when deal with SME’s company. […]

HP Original Rewards (Season 4)

I just spend my Starbug RM10 coupon few week back, which redeem from HP Original Reward. Few week back, I receive a call from HP customer service, a girl with a sweet voice told me that my HP original reward point in the account will be expired soon, and I need to redeem some thing […]

Web Hosting Bluebook

Yellow Pages is the most popular directory among all the places. Last time, most people would like to list their business in to this directory, but now, due to the advance of technology, most people would like to list their business over the online directory. Recently I Just register my hosting business over Company Commision […]