New Digi Broadband Service

Digi recently launch their new digi broadband service at 19th March 2009 which using HSPA technology (High Speed Package Access)

digi broadband

Digi do have wireless broadband service year ago, the old digi broadband service with using EDGE technology (Enhance Data rate for GSM Evolution), this technology come before 3G service available at Malaysia. Since they are using EDGE technology for their 1st wireless digi broadband, the speed is slightly slower then 3G, and my boss are subscribe the service with a free laptop year ago, here my review on digi broadband on October 2007. The speed for the previous digi broadband using EDGE technology was just 224kbps only

I not really have the opportunities to tested on the performance for this new digi broadband plan, but pricing wise compare to Maxis broadband(RM68 per month) or Streamyx (RM60 per month) cheapest combo package that I current using, is much more cheaper. Also, previously I was maxis broadband narrowband user, and really fet up with their service.

digi broadband package

What are the digi broadband plan available for us?

Digi do provide 3 broadband package for light user, intermediate customer and advance subscriber. The discover plan, priced at RM58 per month with a 3GB data usage (700kbps download speed and 200kbps upload speed) are suitable for light user, while intermediate customer can subscribe explorer plan which at RM108 per month for 10GB of data usage. (700kbps download speed and 200kbps upload speed)
For Advance user like me, who surf Internet more then 8 hours per days, 7 days a week 😀 shall subscribe extreme plan which priced at RM188 per month with 20GB data usage.(2Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed)

How if additional use for the data usage?
Discover plan and explore plan subscriber who exceed their ­monthly limit will be charged 15sen for each 10Kb of data used, the maximum amount is capped at RM138 per month, but for extreme plan subscriber, there are no extra charge, but might get slower speed after that.
The best for this digi broadband plan is without need to paid any registration or upfront fees, unlike maxis, RM100 activation, Streamyx RM75 activation, and P1 RM160(RM100  registration, and RM60 Activation), any one who would like to have a trial, also won’t feel “heart pain” while switch to digi broadband, and may quit any time without loss the activation fees.

Modem fees require to bare your self, RM300 for discover plan and explore plan, while extreme plan is RM500, unlike Streamyx(RM60 include modem), maxis (RM68 include modem), and P1(RM49 include modem), modem are included in the monthly access fees, which are cheaper then digi broadband.(RM88 include modem)

Now, Digi give FREE Modems for explore and extreme plan, as well as a subsidized modem for discover plan (User only pays RM15 a month for 12 months). I believe much more promotion and offer will be giving out by Digi soon in the future.
digi broadband modem
Above are the digi broadband modem snap shoot grab from which blog about digi blogger gathering at KL. I wonder when digi will organize blogger gathering at Penang. I will definitely join this gathering.

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