How to payback PTPTN online with Maybank2u

Previously I have mention about how to pay PTPTN Online with Public bank, and this time a little bit update on how to pay PTPTN online with Maybank2u.

My last payment for 2009 was april, initially plan to pay again after 6 month, but due to some financial crisis 2 month ago, I decide to delay the payment; at the same time,  PTPTN sending me one letter as reminder.

Recently I plan to do my 1st passport and visit thailand on next January, to avoid any hassle, I need to do some payment to avoid blacklisted in immigration department.

PTPTN Website

As usual, login to PTPTN.Gov.My, find the button show “E-FES” ( some changes on the main website from my previous screen shoot)

ptptn payment

Once click E-FES, it will bring you to another page which require to login… Put in your IC number and PIN number (Pin number able to found from the statement deliver to your house)

ptptn payment amount

After login, put in the amount you want to pay, and hit “bayar” (you require to disable your POP UP BLOCKER at your browser first) The page will pop up as show below

Choose your preferable bank here. My last payment I am using Public Bank, and this time, I am using Maybank. Once you hit “Proceed” the browser will prompt up the Login, after login, hit “Request Tac Number

Click “continue” and wait for the tac number at your cell phone

Once you get the tac, key in here and “confirm

It will show you the transaction on FPX is success, and you can print your receipt

You can also print your receipt on as proof of payment.

Remember to logout your Maybank 2u Account!

After few days later, you can found that your PTPTN payment is shows in the PTPTN system. Unfortunately mine still RM33,xxx before paid, and after paid still RM32,xxx. Figure no reduce after 2 year plus :(

8 Responses to “How to payback PTPTN online with Maybank2u”

  1. The Guru January 9, 2010 at 1:57 am #

    It’s payback time.. Good choice to pay via online. There’s one time I pay via CIMB bank and they charged me RM2 if not mistaken :(

  2. Jayce January 12, 2010 at 11:46 am #

    I paid mine also after getting the ‘ah long’ letter. 😛

  3. amoy March 2, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

    if i pay tru this maybank2u, is there any hidden charge for this transaction?

  4. calvyn March 2, 2010 at 8:44 pm #

    only charge 50cent for the processing fees, compare to walk in POS office or any other place, might have higher charges

  5. Beanie September 6, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    How much they charge for PTPTN loan repayment at POS Office.

    Thanks for the post, so informative.. I am just going to repay mine…

  6. engchun November 5, 2010 at 12:06 pm #

    cool thanks for the info dude , save alots of time pay online , juz few click will do

  7. Tasha December 15, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

    Hi Calvyn, thanks for the initiative to publish this “How to payback PTPTN online with Maybank2u”
    steps in details. It helps me a lot. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. amy January 15, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    hye there… ive been thinking for more than a month how to pay my ptptn… but then after ive found this… its really help me a lots… thanks dude…

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